About the Melanin depot

The melanin depot was created with a vision

A vision that came into fruition by the constant desire to keep the business within our community. So, many times I have been failed by major search platforms that I found it my duty to bring a database of businesses to my people. With this platform, any and every business profit or non profit will be available. I find it of utmost importance to present this platform for our people, it will be a space of  QUALITY, EXPECTATION, AND EXCELLENCE 

A little about the creator

Hey my name is Jason McElvain, and I was in the military for 6 years where I worked as a mechanic with a dream to change the world. I am now here to accept all the web development challenges in our black community. This is a need I have seen by the lack of web developers in our communities. It is my goal to become the solution to this problem as a virtual world is becoming imminent. 


The Melanin Depot holds all clients with businesses accountable

The idea of the melanin depot comes with a standard as well. If your business is not producing up to par and presents itself as an untrustworthy institution, you will be kicked off of Melanin Depot.  This can be as beautiful as we can make it so we have to be held accountable with our businesses. 


If you have any questions..